Employment-Related Litigations/Trials

Gary R. Kessler, P.C. represents both employers and senior executives in a wide variety of employment-related claims. We have tried numerous employment cases in both state and federal courts to judges and juries throughout the United States, and have also been selected by employment-practice liability insurers to represent their policy holders in litigation.

For Employers

When employment-related administrative charges or lawsuits arise, our firm has significant experience providing vigorous and effective representation in all forums including local, state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

We represent employers in all types of employment-related claims, including those under various federal and state non-discrimination and harassment laws:

Our firm also represents employers in disputes and lawsuits arising out of claims of unfair competition, defection of employees, particularly highly paid executives, employee raiding, duty of loyalty and protection of important business data. We have the experience to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each matter to determine whether the best strategy is to seek an early settlement, an aggressive defense, or something in between.

For Senior Executives

Our firm represents senior Executives in employment-related litigation and trials; the issue often being allegations of breach of the employment agreement and/or circumstances of termination and the level of severance and other benefits payable upon termination. Our ability to effectively represent senior executives is enhanced by our experience in representing employers, which equips our legal team with strong insight into an employer’s likely response to issues.

How Can We Help?

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