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Mortgage Now, Inc. Recovers Profits Lost After Employee Raid By Competitor

On September 20, 2012, Chief U.S. District Court Judge M. Casey Rogers awarded Mortgage Now, Inc. $339,468.97 against Guaranteed Home Mortgage Corporation of White Plains, NY and former Mortgage Now, Inc. manager, Bryan Stone of Miramar, FL for wrongfully soliciting and inducing approximately ten Destin, FL employees to quit their employment with Mortgage Now, Inc., and to take home loans on which they were working, to the soon-to-be opened Guaranteed Home Mortgage branch located within a quarter of a mile.

Garnishments in Georgia Must Be Handled by Lawyers

As a result of the September 12, 2011 Georgia Supreme Court’s adoption of the UPL Advisory Opinion No. 2010-1 issued by the Standing Committee on the Unlicensed Practice of Law on June 4, 2010, employers whose employees’ wages are being garnished will be required to use lawyers in both filing garnishments or responding to garnishments.

The Rapid Demise of Independent Contractors

There are significant cost ramifications if a person who provides services to your company, who traditionally has been categorized as an independent contractor, is required now to be classified as an employee.